Registration of the abstracts:

Abstracts will be submitted to the following domains:

  • Preclinical Medical Science
  • Clinical Medical Science 
Abstracts submission:
  • First, an account must be created on the website.
  • FIRST AUTHOR will log into the account and submit the paper.
  • Maximum of abstracts submitted by a student as FIRST AUTHOR is 2
  • Every abstract can have:
    • 1 First Author
    • 1-2 Co-authors
    • 1-2 Coordinators (members of UMFST teaching staff or UMFST partner hospitals)
  • No registration or presentation fees are required for this event
Structure of the abstract:

The standard structure of the oral presentation papers must contain:

  • Title
  • Background/Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Material and Method
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • 3-5 Key Words

The abstracts may contain a maximum of 300 – 500 words for your paper. The platform will not let you to submit abstracts exceeding 500 words.

Official Language of the Congress:

The official language of the event is ENGLISH. All of the papers must be submitted and presented in ENGLISH. 

Validation process of abstracts:

Validation of abstracts is done by:

1. The Scientific Committee – a commission of doctors and professors from the UMFST that will blind review the abstracts.

Once the paper is reviewed, an e-mail regarding the status of the abstract will be received. It can be:

  • Accepted by the Scientific Committee – paper is validated by the Scientific Commission and will go to the next process.
  •   Minor Revision – paper must be revised in 24 hours since receiving the e-mail to do so, according to the reviewer comments found in the e-mail and resend it.
  •   Rejected by the Scientific Committee – paper has been rejected and it won’t go forward to the next step. Reason(s) why it was rejected will be attached to the email.

2. The plagiarism review – all the validated papers at the previous step must pass the plagiarism detector software provided by the UMFST.   

Presentation Rules:

Presentation must be in .ppt format. Any other format will not be accepted.

The presentation should follow the same structure as the abstract.

Oral presentation will take maximum 5 – 7 minutes + 2 minutes for questions and discussions.

Paper Publication:

All the validated and presented papers will be published in a supplement of Acta Marisiensis - Seria Medica, the official journal of the George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Targu Mures, an B+ indexed journal –